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29 February 2004

Beta2 Released !
Phase2 included: mode7 stages (Continue Game Hardcore).
XML parser improved with ML_Lib.
Dreamcast release.
Fonts changes.

1 February 2004

Beta1 Released !
Display error system, Dreamcast compilation, added more musics, bugs fixed, level 1 complete
Test it !

25 January 2004

New download: GP32 Binary beta1-pre1 (WIP)
Added more screenshots

18 January 2004

Alpha-3 version released !.
A lot of changes: Speech synthesis samples, more video effects, hero dead, added more sound effects, pause screen, game over screen, language menu option (only screen), top records menu option (only screen) and command arguments (audio/video options).
Source code and binaries provided.
Download it !

15 January 2004

Added binaries: Linux and Windows.
Download Source Code and compile it!

12 January 2004

New Release: Alpha-2 version is out !
Only GP32 binary provided.
Walking to beta versions.

5 November 2003

Added a binary package for Windows.
It includes the SDL libraries, so there's no need to download them as well.

24 October 2003

Alpha-1 GP32 binary bug fixed.
Now working ok.

21 October 2003

First version: Alpha-1 released ! ! !
A lot of bugs knocked it.

12 September 2003

Project is open !
Vorton is a remake of the classic game Highway Encounter. It is built with Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries, portable on Windows, Linux, Dreamcast, GP32..
Vorton has the following extra features over the original Highway Encounter:
- 320x240 screen resolution (256 or 65536 colors).
- Full and fast scroller.
- 5 different levels with own set of graphics and music.
- Load/Save game state on the end of levels.
- Languages: English, Spanish, ...
- Complete history with video presentations.
- Tracker musics (stereo sound).
Vorton requires the following:
- SDL 1.2.5 or greater.
- SDL Mixer 1.2.5 or greater.
- SDL Image 1.2.3 or greater.
The latest version of Vorton is Beta-2 (ChangeLog)
Binaries: Dreamcast (ELF)
GP32 (FXE and Data)
Linux i586 (glibc 2.3)
Windows (SDL Libraries included)
Source Code:
Older versions can be found here.
Vorton SourceForge Project - Main project site.
CRASH 20 - Highway Encounter Review.
T.A.C.G.R. - Amstrad CPC Rom and Documentation.
SDL - A cross-platform multimedia library.
SDL for GP32 - GP32 Port.
GP32 Spain - Spanish GP32 Scene.
Talfi's World - Spanish Dreamcast Scene.
About us

- Programming: - Musics: - Graphics: - Testing: - Hosting:
  • Chui
  • Race8086
  • Yota
  • Mortimor
  • Xenon
  • DJ Syto
  • Nacho
  • Chui
  • Etece
  • Enkonsierto
  • GP32 Scene